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At ArmadaCare, we bring supplemental health insurance solutions to brokers, partners and employers to help solve common business and workforce challenges. With a legacy built around our Ultimate Health® executive medical reimbursement plan, we empower employers with targeted health benefit solutions. These solutions cater to specific employee classes, elevating retention rates and mitigating turnover risks.

Powerful Coverage

Discover the who, what, and why of ArmadaCare’s solutions.

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Discover the power of tailored health benefits

Plans that Fit

Select from various plan types and levels of coverage to meet employee needs.
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Offer to select employee classes, ACA nondiscrimination provisions don’t apply.
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Tax Efficiency

Give more take-home value than a comparable raise while paying less (no payroll taxes incurred).*
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Layers on top of all types of primary plans, including HDHPs, at any time of year.
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*This is not local, state or federal tax advice as each person and company is unique. It is recommended that you seek the independent counsel of a professional tax adviser.

Feel the benefits across all coverage levels

Maintain cost control over your benefits budget while accommodating the diverse needs of your workforce. Discover how our extensive lineup of supplemental health insurance plans can support your objectives. Explore our products.

Coverage Gaps

Alleviate the financial stress linked to increased coverage gaps, empowering your employees to maintain their focus and productivity.

Workplace Stress

Help employees deal with stress, whether they are working on-site or remote, with targeted mental health benefits.

Generational Shifts

Deliver the flexibility needed for different generations with healthcare benefits that ebb and flow with life stages.

Boosted Supplemental Healthcare Benefits

Tailored Customization

Deliver the right benefits to the right people by leveraging the primary plan and our unique supplemental health plans together.

Incentivized Rewards

Rediscover the power of tax-efficient* benefits as an integral component of compensation or incentives.

Attract, Recruit & Retain

Secure a competitive advantage against companies offering higher salaries or flexible schedules.

Explore How It Works

* This is not local, state or federal tax advice as each person and company is unique. It is recommended that you seek the independent counsel of a professional tax adviser.

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Executive Health

Myth Busters: Are Executive Medical Reimbursement Plans Dead?

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Executive Health

Going Beyond Voluntary Benefits with Supplemental Health Insurance

Over time, supplemental health insurance has become interchangeable with voluntary insurance in the minds of many, both brokers and employers alike. Years of miscommunication and inefficient marketing have led to this misconception which, unfortunately, has a very limiting result. In actuality, supplemental insurance does not equal voluntary insurance, and this misinterpretation completely cuts out another sub-category of […]

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Benefit Trends

Employee Benefit Trends: Balancing Talent Wants with Cost Containment

Summer is winding down, which can mean only one thing: benefits busy season is just ahead. With its approach come burning questions around employee benefit trends: What does talent want? How will inflation affect cost containment? And how should employers and advisers prepare? In this article, we share an overview of emerging employee benefit trends […]

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Mental Health & Well-Being

Wellness at Work: Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

You’ve probably noticed that stress and anxiety levels seem to be up at work. After three years of historically high stress, employee health and well-being are still under siege—and it’s affecting how workers feel and perform at work. This is where mental health awareness in the workplace comes in. According to new research,1 financial stress […]

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