Case Study

Enhanced Mental Health Offering

Human Resources responded to the request for better Mental Health and Wellness benefits for its 400 employees by selecting ArmadaCare for coverage that extends beyond typical primary health plans.

The Business: Law Firm
Company Size: 400 Employees

Initial Challenge + Discovery

  • Managing partner requested HR to explore enhanced mental health and wellness benefits for all employees.
  • Several senior partners also expressed interest in executive physicals.

The Solution

Enrolled employees in two tiers:

• 100 on highest plan
• 300 on mental health focused plan.

Offered highest ArmadaCare plan to partners to provide executive physical and follow-up coverage, mental health coverage, and additional 213(d) expenses.

Offered mental health and wellness focused plan to all attorneys. Provided coverage for mental health as well as office visits, prescriptions, and other wellness items.

Key Facts & Figures

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31.2% of lawyers report levels of depression, 64% report anxiety, and around 13% report having alcohol or drug use problems.

In 2018, the American Bar Association launched a well-being pledge to address mental health, substance abuse, and suicide rates within the industry.


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For this use case, highest plan refers to Ultimate Health Diamond Plus . Mental health and wellness focused plan is WellPak . Premiums, insurance plans, coverage and availability may vary by state . Detailed coverage, exclusions and limitations are listed in the Certificate of Insurance .