The ArmadaCare Experience

We make it easy for members to understand and access their ArmadaCare plan with ongoing education and modern conveniences.

Life of a Claim

Introducing Cara and Her Life as a Claim
How exactly does the ArmadaCare claims filing process work? To give you an idea, Miss Cara Claim shows you what her life is like. Starting from visiting the doctor, all the way to receiving direct deposit, Cara explains how seamless the process is. Watch this video to see Cara in action.

Designed to Be Used & Loved

We are passionate about making health insurance better. That’s why we’ve designed every aspect of our health insurance plans to deliver the best member experience.

Of members rank ArmadaCare’s benefits as “important” or “most important”

ArmadaCare Engagement Survey, 2022

Average number of times ArmadaCare members engage with their plan annually
ArmadaCare Claim Data, 2022

Average number of times ArmadaCare members use their Rx Visa® Card per month
ArmadaCare Claim Data, 2022

Conveniences Benefits are designed to be used and loved with:

A secure online portal and mobile app to conveniently submit and manage claims

A swipe-and-go Prescription Visa® Card (select plans only)

Direct deposit for claim payments

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I’m so lucky that my company has Ultimate Health. It gives me the peace of mind that somebody has my back and knows what it’s like to be in my shoes. ArmadaCare clearly wants their members to be happy and healthy, and it shows!

Nuria Candel
Regional Sales Director

It’s not often that you can talk to the same representative multiple times who remembers you, but that’s how it works with ArmadaCare. Her thorough and personalized approach took away any worry I had.

Kent Kushar
Retired Executive

I am writing to commend both Ellen and ArmadaCare. When I called, Ellen handled my questions with kindness, professionalism and expert knowledge. I also appreciate ArmadaCare’s brilliant choice on how to deliver personalized customer service. It certainly makes ArmadaCare shine!

Gail F. McDonald
Campus Administrator