How It Works

Discover how ArmadaCare has reinvented supplemental health insurance to be more powerful than ever before.

Not Your Typical Insurance

Primary health insurance plans are one-size-fits-all, but you need more options to meet the demands of today’s workforce. Our supplemental health insurance plans are different by design—and offer more value with coverage for everyday out-of-pocket medical expenses. With a range of types and levels, you can layer onto most primary healthcare plans to achieve your goals. The best part: you stay in control by choosing who to enroll. This flexible, innovative structure creates powerful workforce solutions for various business challenges, such as rewarding, retaining and recruiting talent.

Feel Powerful

Solve multiple business problems by thinking differently about benefits.

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See ArmadaCare in Action: Use Cases

Use Case: Recruitment

See how this small, growing company won the bidding war for specialized talent.
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Use Case: Satisfaction

Learn how to avoid employee dissatisfaction when primary plan deductibles increase.
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Use Case:
Mental Health

By solving one problem, this law firm gained several advantages and so did its employees.
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Use Case: Mitigate Risk

This employer alleviated the risks of high deductible health plans (HDHPs).
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The Consultant’s Consultant

ArmadaCare’s solutions don’t fit into any common employee benefit category. What makes us different also makes us effective when it comes to solving workforce issues. We work closely with employee benefit consultants to show the real market applications of our insurance products, helping illustrate how to use them to solve a variety of client challenges.

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Compliance questions answered.

ArmadaCare’s insurance plans have a long tradition of being built on a solid compliance foundation, adhering to requirements of IRS code Section 105(h) and contemporary excepted benefits regulations as outlined below. Our compliance team has built considerable knowledge of supplemental excepted benefit plans. If you have any questions after reading the below synopsis, please contact us.

Fully Insured

Insurance is not simply having a filed policy; it also requires real risk transfer to an independent carrier and risk distribution. While a “cost-plus” policy can look legitimate, if the employer funds the claims and pays a fee for administrative services, it may run into compliance issues with Section 105(h) non-discrimination provisions.

ArmadaCare’s plans are insured with full risk transfer to our A-rated carriers.

Insured Excepted Benefits

ACA’s new non-discrimination rules do not apply to insurance plans that are considered excepted benefits. It is important to understand if a plan can qualify as such and how the plan meets specified guidelines.

Yes, ArmadaCare’s plans are, in fact, excepted benefits.

Excepted Benefits Not All the Same

The four categories of excepted benefits differ in both the nature of benefits and how they are regulated.

ArmadaCare’s plans are created from multiple categories of excepted benefits, which is key to understanding their compliance construct.