Stamp out workplace stress, burnout and the pressures of today’s always-on work culture. WellPak offers employers an all-in-one solution to boost employee well-being with coverage for and access to coaching, counseling and more.

A fully insured indemnity plan at its core, WellPak gives employees what they need: extra coverage to help pay for treatment to stay well or get better, and support to find the right care when they need it.

Enrolled employees receive:

  • Coverage for office visits (including mental health care), prescriptions and more
  • Coverage for stress-reducing wellness treatments, such as massage therapy
  • Connect & Thrive emotional health support services, including front-door access to a range of mental health and well-being resources designed to meet employees at the level of their needs*
  • Coverage toward elective Executive Physicals for members and enrolled spouse to determine health status and detect health issues early**

*Connect & Thrive services are provided by BHS. Founded in 1983, BHS is a national well-being provider operated by tenured, experienced behavioral health professionals. **Executive Physicals are only available with WellPak’s High plan.

Why Mental Health Matters in the Workplace?

Savvy employers understand the need to improve workplace mental health benefits. They know taking care of employees promotes ripple effects for the business. Employee mental health is directly connected to productivity, job satisfaction, workplace safety and ultimately the bottom line.

  • 73% of employers identified mental wellness for employees as a priority, even before the upheaval from the pandemic.
  • Depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy US $1 trillion each year in lost productivity. (WHO, 2019)
  • 75% of employees report suffering from burnout, making it 3x more likely they will leave a job. (Gallup 2018, 2020)

Traditionally, the only options available for employee mental health benefits have included EAPs and carrier programs, approaches that fall short in providing employees with access to effective care or coverage:

With WellPak, employers finally have the solution they need to:

  • Close the gaps in coverage that cause financial strain for employees
  • Eliminate the barriers employees face when trying to get care
  • Meet the needs of employees across the mental health continuum
  • Reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health treatment

Boost mental health and well-being support and coverage by layering WellPak on top of your primary medical plan at any time of year.