A fully insured supplemental indemnity plan that helps alleviate employee financial stress.

Routine & Unexpected Coverage

Many employers have increased health plan deductibles to manage costs, with some adding a high deductible health plan (HDHP). However, the resulting financial stress and delay in care can negatively impact workplace health, productivity, employee retention and ultimately the bottom line. Because of their limitations, HSAs have not effectively addressed these concerns. With BeneBoost, a supplemental health insurance plan that can help eliminate the perceived downsides of HDHPs.

*BeneBoost is a hospital indemnity plan providing confinement as well as additional out-patient indemnity benefits.

Boost benefits to protect what matters most.

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Why BeneBoost?

An employer-sponsored plan that delivers what HSAs and voluntary plans can’t.

Meaningful Coverage

Provides the extra protection of insurance with coverage for routine and unexpected medical expenses; benefits available from day 1.

Flexible Eligibility

Can be offered to all employees or select group(s) of employees; can offer to any enrollment tier (no need to match primary healthcare plan).

Valuable Support Services

Coverage is only part of what BeneBoost offers. There are also the built-in conveniences and support services that make it easy to use and highly valued.

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