Case Study

Better Options for Smaller Companies

Learn how a small manufacturing company addressed increases in their primary medical plan renewal premiums by incorporating ArmadaCare’s supplemental health benefits into their strategy.

The Business: Manufacturing Company

Company Size: 35 Employees

Initial Challenge + Discovery

  • Primary medical plan renewal premium increase was over 25% and group had to downgrade coverage.
  • Owners were worried that employees would struggle with additional out-of-pocket costs.
  • Company had two options:
    • HSA seed funding
    • ArmadaCare fully-insured solution.

The Solution

Enrolled employees in two tiers:

- 5 owners on highest plan
- 30 remaining employees on low plan

Company chose ArmadaCare over seed funding for two reasons:

  1. HSA funding carries over with employees when they leave, whereas ArmadaCare is a unique offering only available while employed with the current company.
  2. The company provided more value with ArmadaCare coverage than an HSA contribution.

Key Facts & Figures

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55% of people in the U.S. enrolled in HSAs don’t contribute to them.

People with a high deductible health plan coupled with an HSA tend to be reluctant to seek healthcare when they need it because they don’t want to deplete their HSA funds.

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For this use case, highest plan refers to Ultimate Health Diamond Plus and low plan refers to ComplaMed . Premiums, insurance plans, coverage and availability may vary by state . Detailed coverage, exclusions and limitations are listed in the Certificate of Insurance .