Executive Physicals: First Line of Defense

All Beyond Coverage Executive Health April 28, 2016

You know that it’s important to protect top talent with preventative care, (we’ve covered the basics here and here). But how can you catch those seemingly invisible signs of illness early? With a convenient, powerful executive physical.

Let’s Look at the Facts

According to a study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Transamerica Center for Health Studies,  each year in the United States, 14,000 lives would be saved for each 10% increase in hypertension screening and preventative care, and approximately 8,000 lives could be saved for each 10% increase in cholesterol screening and preventative care.

These are mind-blowing numbers that convey the unfortunate truth: people are dying when they could be saved by a simple screening. Let’s change that.

As stated in From Evidence to Practice: Workplace Wellness that Works, “Clinical preventative screenings can help adults live longer, healthier lives by detecting health problems early on, which allows for early interventions that can reduce illness severity and duration.”

This is where executive physicals come in and protect top talent, individuals who are even more at risk for health problems.

Executive Physicals

So what is an executive physical?

Executive Physicals are top-to-toe physical exams that often include a thorough medical review, extensive blood work, vision and hearing tests, electrocardiogram, skin cancer screenings and other tests for chronic conditions. They can be an eye-opening way to help you benchmark your current health status.

These exams are generally conducted at Centers of Excellence. Executive physicals take care of all the screenings at one time. That way, patients don’t have to take the time to schedule and attend a multitude of doctors’ appointments.

Following the exam, the doctor will sit down with the patient and review the available test results, recommend further testing or follow-up, and provide counseling about personal health habits.

Executive physicals’ in-depth look at top talent’s health can catch potential issues before they happen!

How Ultimate Health Can Help

Ultimate Health provides coverage towards Executive Physicals and also helps locate a Center of Excellence.  If follow-up care is needed, we can provide recommendations to great physicians.

Let’s work to improve these shocking statistics and protect top talent with executive physicals as an important line of defense.

Learn more today: http://ultimatehealth.armadacare.com/social

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