Higher Health Risk for Top Talent

All Executive Health April 14, 2016

Protecting top talent is important for many reasons. For one, when they get sick, the disruptions cause a ripple effect that trickles down to the entire company. But the leaders of your company are also at a higher risk for health issues than other employees and, therefore, they need special protection.

Quick Review

Who are top talent?

Depending on your company, the titles may differ, but top talent are the inspirers who push, encourage, and drive action and productivity for the rest of the employees and company. They make sure company performance is where it’s supposed to be.

If these leaders are distracted or absent due to health issues, the company can ultimately suffer.

Top Talent Endure More Health Risks

In a perfect world, a solution to the above trickle-down effect would be to merely ask top talent to remain at optimal health so that the company could remain as productive and prosperous as possible. But it’s not that simple.

The leaders of your company have increased risk of illness because of the nature of their jobs.

The Rippe Health Assessment Study of Senior Executives found that senior executives are at a higher risk for heart disease and are more inclined to having elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure.

A new study finds that working longer hours may raise the risk for heart disease. “Compared to those who averaged 45 hours a week for 10 years or more, the risk of heart disease was 16 percent higher among those who worked 55 hours a week and 35 percent higher among those who worked 60 hours a week.”

And the numerous negative effects of chronic stress range from headaches and trouble sleeping to heart attacks and infertility, all of which impact how top talent performs and, in turn, how your company performs.

Protect Your Biggest Investment

Top talent work long hours and undergo daily stress; it’s part of the job. So shouldn’t they be protected from the accompanying health risks?

Companies spend thousands of dollars on their key players to ensure the best performance possible. It’s important that this investment incorporates health benefits that will keep top talent focused and healthy for their own good and for the good of the entire company.

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