Top 3 Ways Employers Can Offer Support For Employees

Benefit Trends Executive Health July 13, 2021

As employers start to transition their employees back into the office, they need to realize they are bringing back employees potentially struggling with mental health and well-being issues due to the lingering effects of the pandemic. In fact, 86 percent of employers surveyed rated emotional health as one of the top three drivers of overall employee well-being, while 85 percent believe the employer plays a key role in showing support for employees’ emotional health.1 In order for a company to succeed, they need employees who are healthy, happy and focused. This is why putting a spotlight on workplace mental health is so important.

Some employers were already starting to make changes within their culture before the pandemic took place so they could provide employees with a healthier work environment to thrive in. But before the pandemic—an alarming 58 percent of employees who struggled said their employer didn’t provide helpful mental health support options.2

Just like physical health, there is a wide range of needs across the spectrum of employee mental health and well-being from everyday stressors to sleep disturbances to chronic illness (anxiety, depression, or addiction). There is no better time for employers and their benefit advisers to focus on strengthening mental health support for employees. Here are 3 key reasons why:

Benefits of Prioritizing Your Employees’ Mental Health 

Companies that address the holistic needs of their employees can help them feel more protected and cared for, which in turn improves productivity, enhances engagement and reduces stress. In this way, companies that support their employees holistically (or in terms of physical, mental, social and financial health) are better positioned to meet the evolving challenges of the pandemic and support both employee and business performance.3

  1. Create flexibility. Work overload and the inability to take a break—or know when to walk away from work—can cause chronic stress. The solution: Create flexibility in schedules, if possible, and by expanding access to employee health benefits to better support mental health and well-being. Robust, effective mental health benefits include coverage for doctor visits, prescriptions as well as support in navigating to the right type of care to help employers address evolving needs. Investing in such innovative mental health benefits not only helps employees alleviate stress but also allows employees to feel valued and cared for by their employers.
  2. Maximize productivity. Employees who are silently struggling with their mental health and well-being have a harder time finding the motivation to accomplish their day-to-day tasks. This may cause them to not be able to put in their full effort at work, and after a while, it can significantly affect the quality of their work—causing employers to burn holes in their pockets. Employers can maximize their employees’ productivity by enhancing support for employees and proactively contributing to better wellness in the workplace. When employees feel supported and taken care of, they go above and beyond to drive the company forward. The cost of a disengaged employee, on the other hand, can impact the bottom line in several different ways, from decreased productivity to loss of clients from negative experiences.
  3. Enhance company culture. Creating a culture that employees believe in and thrive in starts from building an atmosphere where employees feel safe, valued and supported. As an employer, you want to create a workplace culture that supports employees struggling with their mental health and well-being. Creating a culture that prioritizes all types of health allows you to provide the right support, as well as create an environment in which your employees can know the full range of services and tools available to them. Unlocking innovative solutions that combine coverage and support to address behavioral health needs can be far more effective than traditional EAPs. This will have a lasting impact on engagement, productivity, loyalty and retention.

Even though companies are still problem-solving their way through recovery, much needs to be improved on the employers’ end in terms of providing awareness and support for employees’ holistic health. Prioritizing mental health and well-being has long-term benefits for both employers and their employees. By creating a healthier work environment, employees can explore their full potential and give employers the peace of mind of knowing they are setting the business up for success.

At ArmadaCare, we believe that employer-sponsored insurance should be better. That’s why we recently introduced WellPak, a complementary health insurance plan* that provides all-in-one access to coverage and support for better mental health and well-being. It offers employers an all-in-one solution to boost employee well-being with coverage for and access to coaching, counseling and more. WellPak can be layered over the primary plan to enhance coverage for select employees or a broad population. Learn more now!

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*The above referenced supplemental health insurance policies have exclusions, limitations, and benefits that vary by plan and state. To obtain a quote or for more details on coverage, contact ArmadaCare.

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