Changing Tides: The Need for a Next Generation Recruitment Package

The job market is changing—namely supplying more job options for jobseekers to choose from. For the employer, this means less eligible talent available. That’s why companies need to work harder than before to make themselves attractive to the talented employees they set their sights on and competitive with other companies in their industry.

According to the employer insights strategist at, “Recruiting is the number one source of business impact and can either propel a company forward or be a costly mistake.” So investing in an all-star recruitment package is obviously a good idea.

Before, it may have been possible to provide the bare minimum basics in a recruitment package and still hook top talent because there were fewer job options available. However, now that the tide has changed, it’s necessary to invest the time and money to secure the proper talent that your company needs with a next generation recruitment package.

I’m not talking office perks like a cute office dog or a video game lounge, though both can definitely serve to brighten an employee’s day or intrigue a job candidate. I’m talking about a wholesome and powerful recruitment package that will turn heads, give job candidates an offer they can’t refuse and blow competitors out of the water! (So, no bidding wars.)

Benefits are one of job seekers’ top considerations when accepting a new job (healthcare being #1), so you’ll want to provide medical, dental, vision, retirement and disability plans that go beyond the basics. Remember, a good recruitment package could be the difference between winning the talent you want and losing it to a competitor, which can determine whether your company ultimately succeeds or fails.

Check out this infographic to find out how to create the next generation recruitment package.

Recruitment Packages - Traditional vs. Next Generation

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