Top Employer Concerns of 2019

Benefit Trends Executive Health July 31, 2019

As control of the job market has shifted from employer to employee, employers and hiring managers are discovering having a creative hiring strategy is critical. Since we’re half-way through 2019, it’s a good time to review the trends and challenges that’s resulted from today’s employee-driven market.

Rising Competition

An employee-centric market means that employers are facing competition not only within their direct peers, but also with organizations of all sizes and at all stages. Larger firms are finding themselves competing for talent with smaller start-ups, who tend to be more flexible in offering unique and customized benefits to their new hires.[1] Smaller organizations are feeling the effects of this competition as well, noting that candidates are often enticed by the status of working for a well-established corporation.[2]

The Search for Quality

Specialization is lacking in today’s pool of candidates, causing the time to fill a role to lengthen, particularly for higher-level positions. According to a survey conducted by XpertHR, 64% of 800 HR professionals claim that finding high-quality applicants is a challenge.[3]


Diversity in workforce is something that all companies want, but few understand how to obtain.[4] Achieving diversity is vital to attracting and retaining qualified candidates of all backgrounds as it is prioritized more and more by the workforce. “…companies must make sure their workplace is inclusive and tolerant and one in which all employees feel valued and respected.”[5]


Technological advancements have become a critical part of business in every industry. While developments improve efficiency in many facets of business, they can also create massive risk if security is breached. A top concern noted by employers this year is prevention against cyberattacks. The XpertHR survey concluded that:

  • 51% of professionals find data security a challenge
  • 41% are concerned by managing mobile and wearable technology
  • 39% worry about social media at work
  • 31% stress about protecting employee data from breaches[6]


Last, but certainly not least, is employee benefits. After all, from an employee’s perspective, benefits and compensation go hand-in-hand. No wonder offering the right employee benefits has made the top 5 HR challenges of 2019. With more job opportunities in the market, employees can be choosy and decide to take another opportunity if offered a better benefit package. ArmadaCare can help customize benefits and help your company rise above the intense competition of 2019. Differentiation is the key to winning the war on talent acquisition, and we can get you there. Browse our website to learn more about how we can help.







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