Why Summer Is an Ideal Time for Executive Physicals

Executive Health June 27, 2023

Summer is a great time to de-stress with vacations, sunshine and … Executive Physicals? It’s true. This season can be a good opportunity for executives and strategic leaders to prioritize their well-being through a comprehensive physical with top-to-toe assessment. Here’s how Executive Physicals can protect your top talent—and why the summer is a great time to get started. 

What is an Executive Physical?

Executive Physicals are comprehensive physical exams that incorporate a thorough review of a patient’s health history, blood work, vision and hearing tests, and other exams and tests. This full assessment is intended to identify chronic health conditions or problems that might compromise a patient’s health.

Following the completion of all exams and screenings, the physician meets with the patient to review results and make a care plan for his or her health needs. By combining a multitude of screenings into one visit, Executive Physicals are more streamlined than seeing various specialists in multiple appointments, which can make them a time-saver for key leaders. 

Why are Executive Physicals important?

In short, Executive Physicals are a key part of a strategic approach to protecting leadership health. Typical executive health benefits go beyond the primary health insurance plan offered to other employees to include perks like bonuses and incentive pay, various perks and enhanced health insurance coverage. Such benefits are an important part of any organization’s recruitment and retention strategy.

Because of their level of responsibility, executives and strategic leaders often work longer hours and face overwhelming stress. Such stress can take its toll, leading to burnout or chronic health conditions. Executive Physicals are a proactive way to benchmark and protect the health of these key employees and keep them happy, healthy and leading effectively.

The result: Healthier leaders who spend more time operating at peak performance, spend less time dealing with nagging health issues brought on by strenuous lifestyles.

Scheduling Executive Physicals for the summer

Why is the summer an ideal season for scheduling an EP? Some reasons include:

  • Schedule flexibility. Summer is a great time to de-stress with vacations, sunshine and time at the beach. This season can be a good opportunity for executives and strategic leaders to prioritize their well-being through a top-to-toe assessment or Executive Physical.
  • Alignment of wellness goals. Many people find it easier to be more active during the summer. This season can be an opportune time for executives to align their health and wellness goals to a new season. Executive Physicals can be critical in providing a comprehensive health evaluation to identify areas for improvement over the coming year.
  • Travel. Of course, summer is high season for travel—both for business and pleasure. Having an Executive Physical before or after a business trip can help to further protect the health of key leaders or provide an opportunity to discuss travel-related concerns

Executives have different needs and priorities for their benefits. Increasingly, they are prioritizing health insurance benefits that support wellness. Supplemental health insurance benefits that include coverage for EPs and navigation to specialist care can help to protect leadership health and bolster companies’ recruitment and retention strategies. And, when executives take care of their own health, they contribute to championing a culture of health and wellness for the entire organization.

ArmadaCare’s Executive Physical Program is a core component of our Ultimate Health® supplemental health insurance plan. Offered since 2004, this executive-level benefit can be layered over existing primary health insurance plans to expand or enhance coverage and meet specific benefit expectations high-level employees have. Keep in mind that a well-designed EP program isn’t just about paying for the cost of the exam. There is much more to consider, such as:

  • Saving time with pre-exam navigation services
  • Fully vetting facilities to ensure quality
  • Supporting a holistic health approach post-exam with robust coverage and services

Learn more about Ultimate Health® and how it combines robust supplemental coverage with strategic health and wellness benefits to keep senior leaders and top performers healthy, productive and focused on the bottom line.

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