Total Rewards Package: Think Outside the Box

All Executive Health July 5, 2016

Though the notion of total rewards has been around for a while, a recent model shows that there are several elements of total rewards strategy that define the way a company attracts, motivates, retains and engages employees.

Fulfilling each category can be simple and straightforward, but if you want a total rewards package that thinks outside the box, consider including Ultimate Health. This one tool can boost all the elements of your strategy to keep your employees happy and healthy, and your company competitive.


Ultimate Health is not direct compensation, but the compensation power lies in the money that it reimburses and saves your employee from spending out-of-pocket. The plan provides up to $100,000 of coverage.

Ultimate Health works great as a reward too because it will cost you less than a bonus or pay raise since there won’t be any associated payroll taxes. And the overall value for the employee is dramatically higher with up to $100,000 of coverage.


Ultimate Health is a great health benefit that reimburses for medical, dental, vision and much more, but this plan isn’t just about healthcare reimbursement. It also includes TopDoc Connect to help members find the best specialist for their condition, travel and medical emergency services like fully-paid air evacuation, and an Executive Physical Program.

Work-Life Effectiveness

Achieving success at work and at home depends on having a healthy family. Ultimate Health is a benefit that can help meet the specific healthcare needs of each family member. The emergency travel services even extend to dependents that are away at college, so if the unexpected strikes we’re only a call away. When family members are safe and healthy, it is easier for employees to stay focused and succeed at work.


Ultimate Health works better than a bonus to recognize great employees. A one-time reward is easily forgotten, but Ultimate Health is used throughout the year, so the ongoing use will serve as a constant reminder of your appreciation.

Ultimate Health could be just what your total rewards package needs to push it beyond the typical borders and successfully attract, motivate, retain and engage employees.

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