The Importance of Offering Customization and Flexibility

Complementary Benefits Executive Health March 27, 2019

In previous blog posts such as this and this, we’ve focused on the changing workplace environment, as well as the newfound challenges of hiring top talent, and how these factors are influencing decisions employers make about benefit offerings. This shift gives way to new opportunities for employers to get creative to attract and retain talent. Here we make the case for flexible and customizable benefits as an effective way to stay competitive in an employee-leaning market.


Consider these important reasons on why customization offers true value:

  • Doing so helps tailor benefits to their wants and needs, as well as to the wants and needs of specific classes of employees.
  • It helps provide employees with benefits they will actually use rather than providing too much or too little with one-size-fits-all plans.
  • Offering benefits that employees truly value will help attract, retain and engage talent.

Over 75% of millennials declare that benefits customization is important to increasing loyalty to their employer, while 67% of Baby Boomers share this sentiment.[1] The cost of this may seem intimidating to employers, but employees are actually willing to take on more of the cost if they are offered this type of flexibility, making customizable benefits truly a no-brainer.[2]

Customizable benefits are attractive to employers because they allow them to compete for talent and tailor to the needs of the specific employees they are trying to recruit. Furthermore, when employee needs are met, they are less likely to become distracted by struggles in their personal lives, which improves overall productivity.[3]


Generating flexibility and creating customization specific to health benefits can be a challenge given the typical one-size-fits-all approach to primary health plans. However, by leveraging a broad range of supplemental plans that can augment primary plans for various employee constituencies, employers can achieve this balance.

ArmadaCare’s insurance plans are a perfect fit for any employer offering customized benefits to their workers. The opposite of a one-size-fits-all plan, these health benefits ebb and flow with the various needs of the employee, can be personalized to the individual and can even change from month-to-month for that individual. They also provide transparent value. Employees pay out-of-pocket first and are subsequently reimbursed, so they see just how much their budgets and bank accounts are directly benefited.

Expense reimbursed insured plans can cover routine expenses, special expenses and unexpected ones, too. Use of this coverage isn’t limited to any particular event such as hospitalization or disease. Ultimate Health is just one example of the many insurance plans offered to achieve this objective. Check out this infographic to see how Ultimate Health can be useful to employees across different stages of life and health.




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