Make Health Benefits the Next Trendy Recruitment Tool

All Complementary Benefits Executive Health March 28, 2016

Following Generation Y to the job market was a rush of ‘cool company culture.’ Perks like lounge areas, free food, and open and trendy office space became popular recruitment tools. Emulating the Google headquarters was the ideal goal.

But as increasing amounts of companies strive for and achieve this goal, it becomes less of a perk that sets them apart and more of an expected extra.

What can set your company apart? How can you attract the elusive top talent that you want?

Perhaps the next recruitment tool lies not in tasty snacks—though those are always good—but in an invaluable aspect of your future employees’ lives: their health. Health benefits, to be exact.

Two Key Reasons this Makes Sense:

  1. Rising Out-Of-Pocket Health Costs Are in Everyone’s Future
    Healthcare costs are rising, and to deflect this, companies are projecting more of the costs onto employees. What if you could tell your prospective key employee that they could wave goodbye to those out-of-pocket health expenses? Point out that they can save a substantial amount of money. This would sway anyone to join your company.
  1. Offer Something That’s Matchless
    Sure, your competitors can probably match the salary you’re offering your future-employee, but it would be hard to “match” an innovative reward. Offer your job candidate robust supplemental medical coverage, including those high-end items that are rarely covered, such as LASIK and in vitro fertilization. This will make your company matchless.

How Is This Possible?

Simple: Executive Medical Reimbursement. (We’ve already covered how these plans can still be a viable option here.) If you are really invested in getting the best talent, this is the right tool for you. It’s impossible for an employee to overlook the value in such a plan. It gives you the hook you’ve been looking for.

This is a benefit for you, the employer, too! The cost of an executive medical plan is actually less than what you’d spend on a similar bonus. So, you spend less and receive more value to offer to prospective employees. This way, you can avoid a bidding war completely.

Already Have Top Talent?

Getting them in the door is only the first step. Use an executive medical reimbursement plan to reward and retain top talent that you already have in house. In today’s job market, employees are comfortable making job changes—yes, even top talent. Make sure you have a plan in place to retain them, too.

Where Can You Find Such a Plan?

If this sounds like the tool for you, Ultimate Health may be just what you’re looking for. This supplemental plan includes Medical Reimbursement, as well as TopDoc Connect (a specialist matching service), Take Me Home travel services, and an Executive Physical Program.

In Summation

While trendy office space and free food carts may be cool, great health benefits are a perk that your candidate won’t want to pass up. Differentiate your recruitment package from the masses and hook top talent today.

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