Inspiring Positivity: Health Insurance Reimagined

All Executive Health June 21, 2016

In an industry filled with aches and pains, both literally and figuratively, the cloud of negativity surrounding the health insurance industry is a tough one to shake. Picture Eeyore on a blustery day.

Where does this negativity come from? There’s the obvious answer of sickness. When do you need health insurance? When you’re sick, a miserable experience in itself. Unfortunately, sickness does not strike alone, but is accompanied by other negative occurrences: missing work, financial pains due to high deductibles and co-pays, worry and concern.

This negativity translates into people avoiding their health insurance. Avoiding the doctor to avoid missing work and the financial burdens, worry and concern. And it creates an unhealthy cycle that not only causes more sickness, but also more of all of the above.

All of this seems pretty inescapable. So how do we make health insurance more positive?

At ArmadaCare, our strategy is to create a more engaging product that encourages the right behavior. We do this through Ultimate Health, our supplemental healthcare expense and limited benefit group insurance policy underwritten by Transamerica.*

Ultimate Health includes TopDoc Connect, a specialty matching service, to find each member the perfect physician specialist for their condition and then facilitate access. This way, when sickness occurs, members receive the best care right away, which means they don’t have to keep enduring through misdiagnosis or incorrect treatments and they won’t have to miss more work than necessary. We also offer TopDoc Connect as a standalone product. Ultimate Health also includes coverage and coordination of executive physicals to catch health issues before they become larger problems. In short, we want you to go to the doctor and we want to help you get there.

There is also robust healthcare reimbursement for medical, dental, vision and more. We want to pay your claims! We want you to be able to get the care you need without the financial burden attached. We even include emergency medical travel services to make sure you are protected everywhere you go, for business or pleasure.

It’s not just the services we offer, but how we treat our members. We follow our golden rules of service that include putting member needs first, communicating regularly, listening and asking questions instead of making assumptions, and taking every opportunity to go above and beyond. We process claims in under three days, and it takes an average of 13 seconds for one of our member services representatives to answer the phone and assist you personally.

One of our members said it best: “With my primary insurance company, I felt like one of the masses, but with Armada, I felt like my son was the only focus.” We pride ourselves on these encounters and make this our standard of service. It’s not just a transaction to us; it’s about taking care of people.

We want our members to do the right things so that they don’t get caught in the cycle of negativity that tends to surround health insurance. We want to encourage members to take part in preventive and actionable methods that can fend off larger issues. And we want to help them along the way in any way that we can.

*Ultimate Health is underwritten by Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company (TFLIC), Harrison, NY, and Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company (TPLIC), Cedar Rapids, IA. TFLIC is authorized to conduct business in New York. TPLIC is authorized to conduct business in all other states.

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