Bolster Workplace Culture With Innovative Benefits

All Executive Health October 11, 2017

We’ve discussed before the importance of aligning your benefits packages with your company culture and values (here and here). For instance, at Armada, we host a Wellness Initiative with workout and yoga classes, healthy snack options, lunch & learns, and special health activity events to reinforce our culture of wellness.

At Armada, we also value innovation. From our cutting-edge supplemental insurance products to our focus on white-glove service, we are not your typical insurance company.

A recent Fast Company article highlighted companies that are offering out-of-the-box benefits that support their company ideals. We recognize and appreciate these initiatives to attract talented employees while simultaneously bolstering company values. Let’s showcase a few of these innovative perks below.

PTO for Volunteering

Companies that place high importance on giving back are beginning to give additional paid time off specifically designated for volunteering. Volunteering is believed to boost leadership skills, professional skills and overall successfulness.

Paid Vacations

This generous perk is popping up more and more often in many different forms. Clif Bar offers employees a 2 month sabbatical every 7 years to help keep employees’ minds sharp and bodies active. Betabrand’s owner realized that many of his employees had never traveled, so he began a program that gives away the company’s frequent flyer miles every 4 to 6 weeks. And a global tour group company offers employees free vacations with the intention that they will become better acquainted with their tour locations.

Continued Education

This is a benefit that can also come in many forms, such as contributing toward student loans or funding a master’s degree. A software development company based overseas (called Belatrix) recently opened a U.S. office, and while their employees are able to speak English, the company invested in 120 hours of formal training per year per employee. Credit Karma created an internal education program where employees can enroll in courses, such as Intro to Coding, that are taught by other employees.

Pet Benefits

Companies that know their employee base values pets have plenty of options when it comes to supporting them with benefits. There’s pet insurance, open pet policies that allow you to bring your pals to work, and even discounted pet cloning, like 72 and Sunny offers.

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