Earlier this month, ArmadaCare attended a conference called Ascend where agency leaders go to discover innovative strategies and resources to differentiate and grow their benefits firm. The conference focuses on helping employee benefits firms

  • Remain relevant
  • Stay independent
  • Become more profitable
  • Achieve more organic growth

With these goals in mind, our CEO, Ed Walker, recorded a Q&A podcast with Ascend to discuss how ArmadaCare and our premier medical reimbursement plan, Ultimate Health, can help benefits advisers find an ‘in’ with those C-suite decision-makers.

These high impact individuals are interested in new benefit ideas that meet their specific needs as executives, as well as their needs as a company—whether that’s boosting the bottom line, talent management, benefits, productivity, or all four! That’s where ArmadaCare’s solution comes in.

You can access the full podcast below.