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Complementary Benefits Executive Health November 8, 2017

At ArmadaCare, our premiere insurance product is Ultimate Health, a group supplemental reimbursement plan designed specifically for busy leaders. While we mention Ultimate Health a lot on our blog, we have yet to do a quick and easy breakdown of what this product has to offer. Without further ado:

Brief Overview

As mentioned above, Ultimate Health is an employer-paid supplemental plan that fits into the expense reimbursed category of supplemental, meaning it reimburses our members for eligible healthcare expenses.

Ultimate Health provides reimbursement for all types of out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, including 213(d), to help them return to 100% coverage. Some examples of covered expenses include doctor co-pays, brand name Rx, LASIK, prescribed massage therapy, adult orthodontia and much more. Ultimate Health also does not have disease or event conditions for coverage to kick-in.

We currently have several Ultimate Health plan options available. (Just contact us to confirm availability.)

Excepted Benefit

Ultimate Health qualifies as an excepted benefit, under the similar supplemental category, which means it is not subject to ACA nondiscrimination or other rules. That means that it can be offered to select employee classes, which makes this a perfect benefit to add to executive reward packages and bolster your recruitment and retention strategies.


Since Ultimate Health is a fully insured 105(h) plan, premiums may be tax deductible for the company and benefits may not be taxable for the enrolled employee.


At this point, you may be thinking that this sounds similar to a health account (like an FSA, HSA or HRA), but there’s one key difference. Ultimate Health is insurance. That means it has the power to ebb and flow with each member’s health and life-stage need.

If a member has a plan year with only a few routine doctor’s appointments, but the following plan year brings a lot of health expenses—like a broken leg, a new Rx, glasses and a heart attack—Ultimate Health is flexible enough to keep you covered, no matter if it’s your best or worst day.

A health account can only fund your health expenses up to the contribution limit, and you have to have enough money in the account at the time of service for it to really do any good!

Additional Features

Ultimate Health is specifically designed for busy professionals, so there are built-in features to support their health and encourage them to take time for their health as well.

TopDoc Connect

An eHarmony-like matching service to connect our members to the right and best physician specialist, perfectly matched to their health need, with the right experience and expertise.

Take Me Home

A suite of travel services to protect members while they’re on the road 100+ miles from home, for business or pleasure. These services include fully paid air evacuation to a hospital closer to home.

Executive Physicals

Coverage toward and coordination of executive physicals with the intent of catching health issues before they become major problems.


  • Swipe-and-Go Rx Card
  • Online Member Portal
  • Mobile App
  • Direct Deposit
*This is not local, state or federal tax advice as each person and company is unique. It is recommended that you seek the independent counsel of a professional tax adviser.
Insurance plans and coverage may vary by state. Detailed coverage and exclusions and limitations are listed in the Certificate of Insurance.
Please note that this article mentions the standard services included in Ultimate Health.

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