3 Reasons to Fall Head-Over-Heels for Supplemental Solutions

All Complementary Benefits Executive Health February 1, 2017

Supplemental solutions are gaining more and more attention, and we’re a big supporter of that as a leader in the supplemental benefits landscape! These solutions are a definite trend to keep an eye on for 2017. Out of the many reasons to love them, here are 3 to take note of:


Primary health plans have become homogenized, or very plain and similar to one another. Supplemental solutions can be layered on top of these plans to add something to set you apart.

For brokers and consultants, this sets you apart from your competition by painting you as an innovative thinker who has more to offer than everyone else.

For companies, this gives you an edge against your competitors looking to poach some of your key players. With supplemental plans providing your employees with valuable boosts in coverage and protection, they won’t want to go somewhere else that’s only offering plain-Jane coverage.


Primary health plans follow a one-size-fits-all philosophy, which makes it tough when not every constituent group necessarily needs the exact same coverage. Supplemental solutions allow for customization, either through employee opt-in or by offering to select classes, depending on the product.

For brokers and consultants, this lets you do the previously impossible (or very difficult) by working with your clients to create a benefits structure that’s specific to them.

For companies, this can help you tailor benefits to your employees, which can boost employee satisfaction and retention efforts.

Excepted Benefit

Some supplemental products have excepted benefit status, which means that they are excepted from many federal healthcare reforms. In other words, these products sit outside of ACA. While the future of the ACA is uncertain, it’s good to know that these supplemental products with excepted benefit status will be viable with or without it!

Ultimate Health: Supplemental Healthcare Reimbursement Plan

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