Employers the world over know that todays “always-on” workplace cultures and unique pressures has heightened workplace stress and burnout. Boosting mental health and well-being benefits is now more important than ever.

WellPak with Guide is our groundbreaking supplemental indemnity insurance solution aimed directly at tackling employee stress and burnout. It delivers:

  • Enhanced coverage for mental health and wellness treatments, such as doctor visits (including mental health providers), mental health coaching, prescriptions, prescribed massage therapy, acupuncture and more
  • Guide virtual behavioral health and well-being sessions with master’s level behavioral health clinicians to address mental health issues employees are facing. Employee can access:
    • One-on-one virtual behavioral health sessions* for in-the-moment support (stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation), brief intervention therapy, and recommendations on well-being resources.
    • Group webinars on relevant topics such as managing anxiety, building resilience, and maintaining.

* According to the plan maximum number of days
These consultations are HIPAA-compliant. Guide is not a crisis line. If a member, or anyone in their household, is experiencing a crisis or medical emergency, they must call 911. Guide services are provided by BHS. Founded in 1983, BHS is a well-being provider operated by tenured, experienced behavioral health professionals

Why Focus on Employee Mental Health

Emotional stress, mental health issues and burnout are serious concerns for employees and employers.

  • 95% of HR leaders report that burnout sabotages retention [Forbes, 2019]
  • 550 million workdays are lost annually to employee stress [Harvard Business Review, 2019]
  • 3 of 4 employers identified employee stress and burnout as a 2020 organizational priority [MetLife, 2020]

Employee distress affects business processes and productivity, compliance and workplace safety—and ultimately the bottom line. Employer-provided support is essential to help employees cope and eliminate the stigma and confusion around accessing needed support.

Add WellPak with Guide on top of your primary plan to boost mental health coverage and support for employees.