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A health insurance plan with far-reaching value
Ultimate Health by ArmadaCare is a supplemental health insurance plan that sits on top of your primary coverage and can be offered to just a select few. This gives you the coverage you want and need in a tax-efficient* way. Take a closer look.

Reduce out-of-pocket spending

A family of 4 typically spends $10,000 OUT-OF-POCKET (OOP) on healthcare each year:

Typical OOP spend for family of 4**









Advantage: Enhance coverage
Executives and key leaders have unique benefit needs and wants, and primary healthcare coverage and wellness programs often fail to fully meet them. With Ultimate Health, there is robust coverage with an open plan design format, giving leaders more flexibility than ever before. That way, they can use the plans for what they personally need to be healthy and happy.

Level of protection

Protect the health of your key people with multiple support services that address stress and mental health and that minimize health and travel risks.

TopDoc Connect offers ready access to the right kind of specialists and serves as a guide to help get your key people the exact care they need. Built on a commitment to objectivity and quality, with guidance from the leading minds in medicine, the mission of TopDoc Connect is to match each patient’s diagnosis and personal needs to the best specialist for his or her condition.

Protect your employees while they are traveling more than 100+ miles from home whether for business or pleasure. This includes fully paid medical air evacuation services to a hospital of choice (once stabilized), as well as evacuations for qualifying security, political or natural disaster situations. Plus, there’s urgent medical and dental referrals, lost luggage assistance and more.


Ultimate Health’s elective diagnostic benefit can be used to pay toward an elective Executive Physical, which can help detect health issues in early stages. This coverage can also be used toward the cost of concierge primary care if it includes a comprehensive physical and is invoiced accordingly.

win-win financial advantages

Strengthen your tax-efficient* benefits strategy.

For executives

Boost take-home compensation with benefits that aren’t reportable income.

For employers

Convert current spending to a business expense.
Advantage: Cost-effective and compliant
Under section 105(h) of the tax code, employer premium contributions are tax-deductible, and health plan benefits received by employees are non-taxable.* This translates into more take home value than comparable salary increases or bonuses—enabling employers to boost value for key employees, spend less and help reduce out-of-pocket costs for select talent.

Recruit, Retain and reward

Go beyond taxable direct compensation. ArmadaCare’s health insurance plans are a more financially efficient way to incentivize employees to strengthen recruitment and retention.

Replacing an executive is costly

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True cost of their salary when replacing a top employee

(Gallup, 2019)

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Of employers concerned about increased competition for talent

(TheStreet, 2022)

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Of employees who received a raise from their employer still believed they could make more money elsewhere

(TheStreet, 2022)

Advantage: Better benefits
Spend less to give more with tax-efficient* health plan benefits that offers $50,000 or $100,000 aggregated family coverage for eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses. It also includes items not typically covered under primary plans, like LASIK, prescribed massage therapy and other wellness services.

The ultimate solution

The Ultimate Solution

Your talent is key to company success.

Put Ultimate Health by ArmadaCare in place as a win-win for now—and for a stronger employee benefits strategy in the future.

*This is not local, state or federal tax advice as each person and each company is unique. It is recommended that you seek the independent counsel of a professional tax adviser

**Based on Ultimate Health average claim utilization using historical claims data.

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