Solving the Seesaw Dilemma:

Benefit Costs

Offering the Right Benefits Package to Retain Happy, Healthy and Productive Employees

The average family premium cost has risen 43% in the last ten years.¹

The average health insurance deductible has risen 61% in the last ten years.¹

Only 58% of employees are currently satisfied with their employer benefit affordability.²


88% of employers are prioritizing enhancing benefits to improve recruitment and retention.³

79% of employees rate health insurance as the top “must-have” benefit.²

The total cost to replace an executive can be approximately 200-300% of the executive’s salary.⁴

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What if you had a way to selectively enhance coverage for targeted, at-risk employee groups? So, you could boost recruitment and retention without breaking the bank.

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But this creates another issue: rising recruitment and retention costs. It’s difficult to bring or keep talent on board with unimpressive health coverage.

What if you didn’t have to choose? With the right type of benefits, you can achieve the ideal balance for your company.

Supplemental Health Benefit Solutions

Common Gap Solutions
Fall Short

Worksite Voluntary (indemnity plans and specified disease)

  • Coverage limited to specific event or disease
  • False sense of protection
  • Employees must opt-in

Health Accounts (HSAs, FSAs, HRAs)

  • Must offer to all
  • Not insurance
  • Restricted contribution limits

ArmadaCare Expense Reimbursed Insurance

  • Supplemental health insurance
  • Ability to offer to select employee populations (excepted benefit)
  • Employer-sponsored (deductible options available)
  • Reimbursement for eligible healthcare expenses
  • Reimbursement for eligible routine and unexpected healthcare expenses
  • Tax-efficient*
  • Valuable whole employee support services
Unlike voluntary benefits, they do not require a certain event like surgery, hospitalization or a specified disease to trigger coverage.

Expense Reimbursed Insurance

As fully insured excepted benefits, ArmadaCare’s expense reimbursed solutions provide a better way to create a robust benefits package that’s ideal for your key employees and bottom line. With our unique supplemental health insurance solution layered on top of your primary healthcare plan, companies of all sizes can:

  • Provide a broad range of coverage types that tailor to different life-stage needs
  • Offer key employees a way to get back to “100% coverage” levels*
  • Provide health, wellness and travel support services
  • Boost compensation tax-efficiently*
  • Provide targeted benefit for specific segments of employee population
  • Make employees feel rewarded with more value than a one-time bonus

Proven to drive retention:

4x increase in retention among those enrolled in an ArmadaCare plan v.s. the national average.
Proven to add value:

98% of members rank ArmadaCare’s benefits as “important” or “most important”.

How It Works

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Layer ArmadaCare plans on top of the primary health plan (enrollment determined by the employer)

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Dynamically underwritten

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Works for various sizes and types of companies

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Start on the first day of any month

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*This is not local, state or federal tax advice as each person and company is unique. It is recommended that you seek the independent counsel of a professional tax adviser.

*Premiums, insurance plans, coverage and availability may vary by state. Detailed coverage, exclusions and limitations are listed in the Certificate of Insurance.