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A broker’s guide to complementary benefits

Employee needs are shifting. Employers’ benefit strategies must adapt to these emerging needs. Addressing today’s biggest challenges requires new tools to boost benefits. Complementary benefits can deliver.

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What are complementary benefits?

Complementary benefits are flexible health insurance plans designed to layer over any primary plan to address emerging or evolving needs. They can help employers address an array of emerging needs, including:
  • Primary plan changes
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Incentivization and performance rewards
  • Coverage gaps
  • Mental health support
  • Employee stress and burnout
  • Compensation challenges
  • Tailored benefits
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Complementary Benefits in Action

Flexibility is key. With it, employers can right-size their primary plan, consolidate plans or make other changes that fit their goals and benefit budget. Layering the right benefits over a primary plan complements the benefit strategy—providing a boost where it’s needed most. In this guide, we'll look at three key use cases and how complementary benefits can help.

Use Case #1

Coverage Cuts

Close coverage gaps to counter financial strain
HDHPs can have unintended financial and coverage consequences for employees. Plan changes and rising healthcare costs can pack a one-two punch. An increasing share of out-of-pocket costs can cause financial strain for employees while also contributing to delays in routine or unexpected medical care.


Insured adults
worry about
affording health

(Source: KFF, 2020)


Insured adults
Of employees with
HDHPs lack the
savings to cover
the deductible

(Source: KFF, 2020)

Problems to solve


Plan Changes

o High deductibles
o Increased out-of-pocket healthcare spending
o Coverage gaps
o Financial strain



o Low enrollment
o Dissatisfaction


HSA strategies

o Insufficient contributions
o Timing of funds availability
o Depleted before year-end

Big picture, bottom line
Financially stressed employees aren’t bringing their best focus to work. Their productivity, engagement and loyalty can all suffer.

Complementary benefits to the rescue
Address the realities of HDHPs and HSAs with complementary benefits that strengthen your strategy. Close coverage gaps that contribute to financial strain with meaningful, valuable insured coverage.

Use Case #2

Employee Well-Being

Provide effective support for mental health and well-being
Employees need coverage and effective support for routine stressors, in-the-moment needs and genuine crises like anxiety, addiction and depression. Employers can step up with truly effective coverage that goes beyond the limits of primary plans and EAPs.


Increase in risk
of employee
December 2020

(Source: Mental Health Index,
Total Brain, 2020


Percentage of employees who experience burnout

(Source: Gallup, 2020)

Problems to solve


Lack of coverage

o High deductibles
o Coverage gaps
o Plan limits
o Increased out-of-network costs


Difficulty accessing care

o Lack of navigation
o Distraction


Benefit satisfaction

o Ineffective or incomplete solutions
o Financial strain

Big picture, bottom line
Effective support for mental health and well-being can make a difference even for healthy employees, helping them be more focused and productive. In addition, expanded mental health and well-being benefits can help companies distinguish themselves as employers of choice.

Complementary benefits to the rescue
Give employees the support they need for better mental health and well-being with comprehensive coverage and support to address a range of needs.

Why ArmadaCare's complementary benefits?

ArmadaCare’s complementary benefit solutions give employers a range of options.

  • Coverage options: Choose broad or specific coverage
  • Enrollment eligibility: Offer to select employees or all
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most primary plans, including HDHPs
  • Budget fit: Plan options for budgets of all sizes
  • Cost-effective: Integrate with compensation or reallocate employer contributions
  • Timing flexibility: Put in place the first of any month, all year
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