How Benefit Solutions Can Help You

Be a hero in 2024


Busy season is over (for benefits, not for your holiday preparations). Just ahead, though, lies a new plan year.

As you close out open enrollment season, this month is a great time to think ahead. Clients look to you as a trusted adviser—and you want to be ready to help them solve coverage issues in 2024 and beyond. When you do, it’s a win-win: good for clients, and good for your business.

With that in mind, here’s how to position yourself as a top-notch benefits advisor all year.

Benefit solutions that provide value all year

Yes, open enrollment is crunch time. But it’s not the only time that you can add value. 

The reality is that needs can change throughout the calendar year. This is especially true in a dynamic market like today’s, with high inflation and persistent instability. When needs do change, you can help with innovative, flexible benefit plan designs. These benefit solutions are designed to be put in place at any time all year, meaning you don’t have to wait for the 2025 open enrollment season to address emerging needs.

So, as you consider the 2024 calendar, think beyond benefit busy season. Key touchpoints can help you start the conversation so you can add value all year.

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What’s on your mind as you plan for 2024? Are you concerned about dealing with the “after-effects” of new or changing primary plans? Now is the time to prepare. With the right innovative solutions, you’ll be equipped to tackle serious benefit and talent challenges.

In this causal, interview-style format, ArmadaCare product experts will share real-life examples on how our unique supplemental health insurance benefits have helped both large and small employers.

Use benefit solutions to solve clients’ biggest business challenges

Even after the disruption of the last four years, certain pain points persist. These challenges include recruitment and retention, workplace stress and rising health plan costs.

Innovative, flexible benefit plan designs can help you come to the rescue with sustainable solutions that solve their biggest business challenges.

Consider workplace stress, for example. Happier, healthier workers are not only more productive, but they are also more likely to stay with their employers. Many employers, though, are experiencing a growing disconnect between the benefits they offer and what talent actually wants (and needs). As employee expectations change, flexible benefit plans help employers meet them.

Benefits solutions can also help employers stand out as talent magnets. Research reveals that over 90% of business leaders know that benefits are critical to attracting and retaining talent. And health insurance continues to be the #1 benefit that employees value. Bring your clients solutions that help them stand out against the competition, and you’ll stand out to them.

Finally, flexible benefit plans can help your clients control the benefits budget. These plans are designed to layer over a primary plan. Employers can offer them to select employee classes, as defined by the employer. These benefit solutions can be carved out for specific roles to help with recruitment and retention. They can also be used to incentivize and reward. And with certain plans tailored to specific needs, like those of executives, employers can find the right balance between cost and coverage. Even better, you’ll be the one to bring these benefit solutions to them.

Be a benefits hero

Becoming a benefits hero ultimately comes down to being able to meet your clients’ needs. Having flexibility helps you do it. With innovative benefit plan designs, you can truly customize benefit offerings to meet your clients’ needs—and make it simple to put them in place.

ArmadaCare’s solutions don’t fit into any common employee benefit category. What makes us different also makes us effective when it comes to solving workforce issues. We work closely with employee benefit consultants to show the real market applications of our insurance products, helping illustrate how to use them to solve a variety of client challenges.

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