ArmadaCare Introduces WellPak

Press Release January 15, 2021

A Breakthrough Approach to Employee Mental Health Benefits

Hunt Valley, Maryland— January 15 2021—Employees are facing mounting stress with the pandemic and remote work, putting the need for behavioral and mental health benefits in the spotlight. In response to this growing need, ArmadaCare is introducing the WellPak insurance plan, a unique suite of indemnity insurance benefits that addresses employees’ coverage needs and access to mental health and well-being services.

“Investing in mental wellness for employees isn’t just the right thing for employers to do as corporate citizens, it’s also in the best interest of the business,” said Charlotta Winslow-Jenkins, ArmadaCare’s Chief Marketing & Product Development Officer. “Employee well-being and performance are strongly interconnected. Left unchecked, heightened periods of stress and burnout can cause absenteeism and presenteeism, ultimately affecting the bottom line.”

A fully insured, employer-sponsored supplemental health insurance plan, the WellPak insurance plan combines coverage for doctor visits, prescriptions, and wellness treatments, with boosted coverage for a range of easy-to-access mental health and well-being support services. In addition to offering coverage for treatment, the WellPak insurance plan can help eliminate barriers employees face in finding and accessing effective care through its Connect & Thrive services, which are made possible through a partnership with BHS, a national provider of well-being programs and services.

The Connect & Thrive services provide enrolled employees with guidance and access to behavioral health and well-being support to best meet their individual needs. It includes a clinically validated assessment to determine the type of services needed, whether its coaching to help alleviate everyday stressors or counseling to deal with a mental health condition. Employees receive customized navigation to the right level of care.

“We’re excited to partner with ArmadaCare to help more employees who are struggling, regardless of where they are on the mental health continuum,” said Mark Schubert, Managing Director of Business Development at BHS. “We can help employees find the right level of mental health support, whether that’s coaching, navigation to a therapist or counselor, even in-patient treatment.”

WellPak insurance helps eliminate the barriers and stigma employees face when seeking mental health care, with improved insurance coverage and navigation to proper care. When support for employee well-being is made an organizational priority, companies can increase employee satisfaction, decrease absenteeism and presenteeism, and increase employee engagement and productivity. Employers across the country realize that focusing on wellness in the workplace is the right thing to do for their employees and their company. 

This supplemental health insurance coverage is underwritten by Sirius America Insurance Company (“Sirius America”). WellPak insurance is not available in all states. For availability, costs, and complete details of the coverage, please contact ArmadaCare.

About ArmadaCare

ArmadaCare is a managing general underwriter (MGU) for Sirius America Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sirius Group (Nasdaq: SG), a global multi-line insurer and re-insurer. A pioneer in the supplemental health insurance industry, ArmadaCare creates and delivers a broad range of insured specialty employee benefits. Specifically designed to address limitations of primary health insurance coverage, ArmadaCare’s solutions provide the ability to offer health insurance coverage tailored to the contemporary needs of employers of all sizes and budgets. In addition to offering health insurance coverage for various types of out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, many of ArmadaCare’s products include additional health support services and convenience features, all of which are delivered with ArmadaCare’s hallmark world-class service. Learn more at

About BHS
Connect & Thrive services are provided by BHS. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, BHS is a privately held, stand-alone provider of well-being programs and services. Our solutions are designed to optimize the health, productivity and safety of employees while improving culture, performance and profitability of the organizations we serve. Since 1983, BHS has serviced thousands of corporations, agencies, institutions, associations, and organizations across the globe. Helping people is our priority and our passion. Above all, BHS is committed to creating direct, personalized access to high-quality services using a human-to-human approach to member care. Learn more at

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