ArmadaCare Introduces HealthPro Product Suite for Healthcare Employers Facing Talent Shortages and Turnover

Press Release April 7, 2020

Hunt Valley, Maryland— In response to the healthcare industry’s growing need for innovative benefits to support talent retention and recruitment, ArmadaCare has launched a suite of supplemental expense reimbursed insurance plans. HealthPro Ultimate, HealthPro Advanced and HealthPro Launch are employer-paid health insurance products specially designed to address the high turnover challenges faced by hospital systems, skilled nursing facilities and other healthcare organizations.

Each product is a fully insured reimbursement plan that supplements the employer’s primary plan and allows strategic boosting of coverage for positions effected by talent shortages and/or high turnover. ArmadaCare’s products are qualified excepted benefits – meaning they’re exempt from ACA reforms – and can be offered to select employee classes. By leveraging the tax-deductible employer premiums and non-taxable* employee reimbursements, these solutions are a financially efficient way to provide additional compensation value and retain talent.

HealthPro Ultimate, our premier product in this suite, is designed with physicians, executives and administrators in mind. Robust supplemental medical, dental and vision coverage, coupled with enhanced mental health and wellness coverages help to address the daily pressures faced by this employee class. In addition, our TimeSaver Plus work-life balance services can help ease the stress of those demands and reduce the negative impacts of burnout.

HealthPro Advanced is designed to support mid-career nurses, advanced practitioners and allied health professionals. Recognizing the needs of young families, HealthPro Advanced includes insurance coverage for various types of medical, dental and vision expenses, including orthodontia. It also incorporates TimeSaver services to support busy family life.

HealthPro Launch is designed for recent graduates who’ve just begun their careers in the healthcare industry. With mental health, dental, vision and wellness benefits, this insurance product caters to the needs of younger generations new to the workforce.

Add-On In-System Package for Hospital Clients

ArmadaCare recognizes that many hospital systems want to promote the use of in-system medical services. To support that effort, we’ve developed optional add-on package for these three products. The basic package of services helps to coordinate reimbursement levels depending on network tier (in-system, in-network and out-of-network). We can also encourage in-hospital pharmacy use to support 340-B programs, as well as help navigate to in-hospital specialists through our Specialty Care Connect services.

The HealthPro product suite is available in 35 states.

*This is not local, state or federal tax advice as each person and company is unique. It is recommended that you seek the independent counsel of a professional tax adviser.

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