Business Travel’s Hidden Baggage

In today’s globalized business world, traveling is a necessity. Despite the technological advances that have made communication and transactions between far off places very possible, face-to-face meetings remain a prevalent and preferred method of business relations. And therefore you, or your employees, are probably what one might call a ‘business traveler.’ Although this title [...]

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Put an End to the Lost Passport Panic

Years ago, I studied abroad in Australia. I climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge, frolicked in a field of kangaroos, and I lost my friend’s passport. What they don’t tell you before you head to another country is that you will need your passport for most activities, drinking or otherwise. As the one with the [...]

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The 3 P’s of Safe Travel

In an increasingly global society, more and more people are traveling internationally and domestically for a multitude of reasons, from vacations and business trips to study abroad and volunteerism. Whatever the reason you decide to jet away to new lands, make sure your trip will be a safe one. The Center for Disease Control [...]

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Travel Pet Protection: For When the Going Gets Ruff

For some of us, our pets are our family. They are our companions. They cheer us up at the end of a long day and are there the next morning to encourage us, tail wagging or tongue licking, to get out of bed. We even bring them on vacation! Our pets are always there [...]

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Continuity of Care: The Key to Happy Trails

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s always nice to get away. A change in scenery can do wonders for the body and the mind, and for many people travel is an important aspect of wellbeing. But are you really as protected as you think when you’re away from home? Margaret-Mary Wilson, the [...]

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