Travel Pet Protection: For When the Going Gets Ruff

Travel Safety April 7, 2016

For some of us, our pets are our family. They are our companions. They cheer us up at the end of a long day and are there the next morning to encourage us, tail wagging or tongue licking, to get out of bed. We even bring them on vacation! Our pets are always there for us, but what happens when there is some sort of emergency and we can‘t be there for them?

Sure, if you’re home, you can call a relative or the friendly neighbor to take care of Old Rascal or Ms. Whiskers. But what about when you’re traveling and away from home with your pet? What happens when a human emergency has left your pet stranded and alone?

We want our beloved furry friends to be as protected as we are. That’s why ArmadaCare has partnered with UnitedHealthcare Global to facilitate emergency housing or pet return for when life gets a little hairy.*

Travel confidently, let your tongue roll out of your mouth as you stick your head out the window, prance through all of the meadows, and rest assured that when you’re traveling and the unexpected strikes, your pets are safe.

Emergency housing or pet return is available within Ultimate Health’s Take Me Home program, TopDoc Connect with Take Me Home, and TopDoc Connect with Global Assistance.


*Available when traveling 100 miles or more from home. Global Assistance and Take Me Home emergency services are provided by UnitedHealthcare Global and subject to their terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Take Me Home is a registered mark of UnitedHealthcare Global.

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