Back to School, Sports Injuries and Specialists: TopDoc Connect Member Story

We are approaching back to school season, which means tons of preparation. School supplies, new clothes, dorm room necessities, lunch box favorites. These are all items you can check off a list, but how do you prepare for something you don’t see coming? For TJ, his freshman year of college started with a painful [...]

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A Difficult Diagnosis: A TopDoc Connect Member Story

Facing a difficult, unexpected diagnosis can be shocking, scary, isolating and a multitude of other blinding emotions that ultimately leave you staring into the unknown ahead of you, asking yourself, “What now?” There’s pressure to act quickly and make the right decision, but how do you know where to turn during this critical window? [...]

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Healthy ‘Ed’ition: Bike Ride Blues

Hello, everyone. If you’re new, welcome to my journey to the Baltimore Marathon! You can catch up here. Over the weekend, I switched it up by going on a bike ride with my cycling club. I thought it would be a good way to give my knees a break while still getting in my [...]

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Technology Can’t Replace Medical Care

Traffic. Recipes. Working out. Music. There’s an app for that. There’s actually probably a little square that you can download onto your phone that can assist you with most of the things that you do. There’s even apps that can check your medical symptoms and provide a list of potential conditions or diagnoses. Though [...]

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Medical Errors: Hidden Killer

A recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in America. But since the CDC doesn’t record medical errors as causes of death, little is being done to change this. Let’s dig a little deeper. When someone dies, a code (an [...]

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How Well Do You Know Your Doctor?

What doesn’t kill you doesn’t always make you stronger, and what you don’t know can hurt you. More specifically, what you don’t know about your doctor. Thousands of doctors in the U.S. are on probation for drug abuse, sexual misconduct, and careless or deadly mistakes, among other reasons. And yet, these doctors are still [...]

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Executive Physicals: First Line of Defense

You know that it’s important to protect top talent with preventative care, (we’ve covered the basics here and here). But how can you catch those seemingly invisible signs of illness early? With a convenient, powerful executive physical. Let’s Look at the Facts According to a study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health [...]

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Second Opinions: Don’t Feel Bad

Facing a diagnosis, serious or not, can be overwhelming. One tenth of newly diagnosed patients rarely, and sometimes never, understand their diagnosis. And whether you understand it or not, treatment can start moving quickly. You may feel stuck on your path, along for the ride. But what if you aren’t sure about your diagnosis [...]

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Are You Receiving the Right Specialty Care?

People get sick. It’s one of those unfortunate facts of life. And when it happens, it’s easy to feel unprepared or lost. You know that it’s important to find the right specialist to treat your diagnosis. But how do you know where to turn? Truth is, you don’t. So you follow the beaten path, [...]

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