The 2016 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition is happening right in our backyard in D.C. from June 19-22, and we’re going to be there! We are so excited to be showcasing at the Transamerica booth to show visitors how Ultimate Health can be solution for retention, recruitment, and compensation.

Of course, we hope to see you there, but like many, you may be wondering what good does going to a conference do for you?

Conferences are important to attend for lots of reasons. For instance, staying up-to-date on industry knowledge, practices, and trends. You may even find that you learn some new skills. The SHRM Conference has lots of workshops that you can attend, such as “Succession Planning for the 21st Century: Future Trends and Practical Guidelines for Building Your Talent Pipeline” and “Benefits Boot Camp.” Find the whole list here.

Networking is also a huge aspect of conferences. Making connections, collaborating, and being inspired is what conferences are all about. Talking to your peers is one of the best ways to do this. You never know: the people you meet at a conference could help lead you to your success!

Conferences also give you the chance to hear from of the leading minds in the industry. The SHRM conference will have no shortage of thought leaders for you listen to and learn from. Check out this page to find out more about all the speakers attending.

It’s also always worthwhile to check out the exhibitors. You may find a new product or solution that is just the thing you’ve been looking for to help you meet a goal for your business. Exhibitors are also very ready to answer any questions you may have about their product, pricing, ideas, where they fit in the industry and how they can help you get to where you’d like to be.

Come visit us at Transamerica’s booth, #1625. For more information about the SHRM Conference, check out their website.