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Boost Employee Mental Health and Well-Being

Mental well-being is the cornerstone of a thriving workforce. The right support can make a world of difference, enabling your team to be more focused and productive at work.

Current Solutions Often Fall Short

Your typical EAP isn’t designed to handle the varied needs of employees across the mental health spectrum. And with so many providers out-of-network and limits on the number of office visits, employees just aren’t happy with the quality of their mental health coverage. They expect more from you: 66% of employees expect their employers to help them take care of their mental well-being.*

Introducing WellPak® by ArmadaCare

There’s a new type of specialized supplemental insurance plan that can fill the void: WellPak by ArmadaCare. WellPak is to mental health what specified disease insurance is for physical health. But WellPak is more than just a policy; it’s a commitment to cultivating a culture of mental wellness within your organization, with important embedded support services.

WellPak by ArmadaCare

The all-in-one insurance solution for workplace stress.

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Enable Access to Care

Reduce employees’ financial burden with supplemental coverage that offsets their out-of-pocket costs for mental health and well-being treatment, including office visits, prescriptions and more.
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Holistic Mental Health Support

WellPak goes beyond insurance coverage with a range of mental health support services, including guidance on finding the right providers and personalized coaching to keep your employees on track toward better mental health.

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Confidentiality and Privacy

We understand the sensitivity of mental health matters which is why we prioritize confidentiality and privacy and create a safe space for your employee to seek help without fear of judgment. 

Your WellPak Preview

Learn how to take your mental health benefits to the next level.

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