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Introducing Specialized Insurance for Mental Health

Boost employee mental health and well-being by investing in an additional layer of protection with WellPak® by ArmadaCare.

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WellPak by ArmadaCare

The all-in-one insurance solution for workplace stress.

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Address Employee
Mental Health

Designed to combat the deficiencies in mental health benefits today by reducing the financial burden on employees by offsetting their out-of-pocket costs.
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Well-Being Support
& Access

Improve workplace wellness for your employees with mental health and well-being services designed to help employees get to the right care.

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Reduce the stigma around seeking mental health care by offering coverage for treatment, office visits (both mental and physical), prescriptions and more.

Boost Employee Mental Health & Well-Being

Effective support for mental health and well-being can make a difference even for healthy employees, enabling them to be more focused and productive. WellPak gives employees what they need: extra coverage to help pay for treatment to stay well or get better, and support resources to ensure they get the right care right when they need it.

Your workforce has changed. Shouldn’t your benefits?

Meet the talent needs of today with a new type of specialized mental health insurance.