Retirement Doesn’t Have to Mean No Benefits

All Complementary Benefits Executive Health April 19, 2016

What do we all hope inevitably follows the decades of work that we put in? That’s right, retirement. But a major concern facing all potential retirees is the rising health costs that are continuing to inflate. Retirees must confront this issue head-on without the health benefits that they had grown accustomed to from their company. Or do they?

There is another way: Ultimate Health can be offered to select employee classes. This includes retirees!*

Offering Ultimate Health to executive retirees is valuable from multiple viewpoints. A win-win-win, if you will.

Employer Win

Ultimate Health can be a great recruitment and retention tool. Offering this plan to your active employees and retirees can bring in top talent and keep them there because they know what is waiting for them after their hard work is complete. It can even be used as an incentive program to encourage and motivate key employees!

Executive Win

Retirement security is a major concern for employees. This plan can give your key players peace of mind in knowing they will be protected even after they have retired from the company.

Executive Retiree Win

Your executives work hard for your company for years on end. Thank them wholeheartedly with this health security as a send-off. They can receive medical reimbursement, access to top-specialists that will surely come in handy as they age, an Executive Physical program, and emergency travel services to keep them safe during their retirement adventures.

The retired executives receiving this benefit will get more than simply the bundled benefits. They will get to spend their money and time traveling the world or investing in something they’ve always wanted, rather than having to use their hard-earned retirement savings to pay for necessary prescriptions that Medicare won’t cover.

Retire with Confidence

People are living longer, and social security and Medicare weren’t designed to sustain life for as long as it needs to today. Retirees are faced with the concern of outliving their money. But going into retirement shouldn’t be fearful. It should be a celebration. Help your executives go confidently with Ultimate Health.

*Retirees who have waived the group primary medical plan and are only on Medicare will be required to provide evidence of enrollment in Medicare parts A, B and a supplemental plan with Part D.


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