Plena Health is designed to expand health coverage for difficult-to-recruit-and-retain employee classes and provide more value than your typical ‘gap-filling’ products.

Plena Health insurance plan includes:

  • Medical reimbursement for eligible expenses with $25,000 in aggregate family coverage.*
  • TopDoc Connect, a specialist matching service that helps each member find the perfect physician specialist for his or her condition.** The goal is to avoid misdiagnosis or incorrect treatments and wasting valuable time running to various doctor appointments.
  • Emergency travel services, provides a suite of services 24/7 whether the member travels domestically or internationally, for business or pleasure.

*Coverage provided by Sirius America Insurance Company.
**Not including behavioral health or addiction.

Employers today are experiencing significant recruitment and retention challenges. This is especially true for hard-to-recruit positions, such as financial advisors, IT professionals, nurses or physical therapists. Employers need a benefit program that will make them stand out from the competition and one that their employees will truly value.

Why Choose Plena Health?