TopDoc Connect is redefining how to access specialty care with our specialty physician matching service that guides our members to the most experienced specialty experts. Our platform for specialist credentialing and detailed physician profiles was created by leading medical experts who serve as our medical leadership. There are no financial or other ties to the physicians we recommend nor are we tied to any network.

Our value lies in our objective, clinically-based proprietary specialist selection process. We give our employer clients the opportunity to offer a benefit that will truly make a difference. TopDoc Connect delivers better health outcomes, reduced claims cost and peace of mind for their employees.

TopDoc Connect services do not include behavioral health or addiction.

Built on a foundation of objectivity and quality, TopDoc Connect creates the vital link that ensures patients reach the right specialist, at the right time.

Here’s how we find the perfect specialty care match for our members:

We listen. It starts with personal attention and an understanding of each member’s unique medical situation.

We find the right match. With the oversight of our medical experts, we then identify a selection of leading specialists who have the right kind of clinical expertise to help. We deliver the clinical biographies of each selection, to allow members and their doctors to make an informed choice.

We set the course. We help facilitate appointments so that members can start their journey to better health as quickly as possible.

When faced with a diagnosis or medical condition, getting to the right specialist and the right care can be challenging.

TopDoc Connect offers personalized access to the country’s top physicians.