Hunt Valley, Maryland—September 18, 2020—The current pandemic has brought employee stress and mental well-being to the forefront. In response, ArmadaCare has fast-tracked the creation of ground-breaking, supplemental health insurance solutions to help employers better support employees’ mental health and wellness. The first product available in ArmadaCare’s product suite developed for this purpose is WellPak with Guide, which is designed to help employees cope with stress and avoid burnout. Additional WellPak product options with coverage and comprehensive behavioral support services will soon be available for January 1, 2021 effective dates.

A fully insured hospital indemnity plan at its core, WellPak with Guide combines coverage for doctor and therapy visits, prescriptions, massage therapy and acupuncture, with easy-to-access virtual behavioral health and well-being sessions.

This solution is the first to address the two main barriers for employees when it comes to mental health support: insurance coverage and access to support services.

With the realization that employee well-being and performance are strongly interconnected, more employers are looking to prioritize employee well-being and stress management. Left unchecked, heightened periods of stress and burnout can cause absenteeism (productivity lost when employees aren’t at work) and presenteeism (reduced productivity while employees are at work), ultimately affecting the bottom line. When support for employee well-being is made an organizational priority, companies can increase employee satisfaction, decrease absenteeism and presenteeism, and increase employee engagement and productivity.

Underwritten by Sirius America Insurance Company (“Sirius America”). WellPak with Guide is not available in all states.  

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