HUNT VALLEY, MD – – For the fourth year in a row, ArmadaCare has received a “best-in-class” Net Promoter Score (NPS), solidifying their standing as a frontrunner in the health insurance industry. Their score has risen consecutively for four years to reach +75, ranking the company among other leading brands in customer satisfaction, such as Amazon (+69), JetBlue (+74) and USAA (+73) according to and CustomerGauge. ArmadaCare’s NPS is also a full 62 points higher than the health insurance industry average (+13).

“Four years of steady NPS score growth is significant,” says Jamie Spriggs, ArmadaCare’s Chief Operating Officer. “It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to our client’s experience and continual service improvement. I’m very proud of our team.”

Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a metric that calculates how likely it is that a client would recommend a company or product to a friend or colleague by using a simple 0-10 scale. Respondents are classified as promoters, passives or detractors. The percentage of detractors is then subtracted from the percentage of promoters, and the passives are not factored into the calculation. Scores range from -100 to +100, with scores of +50 and higher considered “best-in-class” in customer loyalty.

In addition to this best-in-class NPS score, ArmadaCare’s service team was awarded a Bronze Stevie Award, an international business award for Innovation in Customer Service.

About ArmadaCare

A pioneer in the supplemental insurance industry, ArmadaCare creates and delivers specialty employee benefits, backed by premier insurance carrier partners.* Strategic benefit consultants recommend ArmadaCare’s innovative insured products to support their product differentiation and to help employers meet the health and benefit needs of various employee constituent groups. Specifically designed to fill gaps in primary coverage, ArmadaCare’s solutions provide tax-efficiency and the ability to offer targeted coverage to select employee classes as defined by the employer. In addition to offering reimbursement for various types of out-of-pocket medical expenses, ArmadaCare’s products include additional health support services and convenience features, all of which are delivered with ArmadaCare’s hallmark world-class service. Learn more at

*Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company and Sirius America Insurance Company