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Key Steps to off-cycle sessions with clients

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Prompt Feedback

Address Problems

Did issues arise during renewal? If they were left unaddressed because of the time crunch, it’s now time to revisit them. Doing so now (face to face, no less) shows the client how much you value the relationship and your desire to work well together.
Ask “What Went Right?”

Don’t forget to prompt for the positive, too. It’s important to know what to continue! And if nothing else, it will jog their memory about ways you’re adding value. (This is a great time to mention pro-bono services too!)

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Go back to school

Discuss Strategic Plans
This meeting is a great opportunity to ask about your clients’ plans for the coming year. Do they have changes on the horizon (such as recruiting or growth plans, adding a new company division, or any anticipated leadership changes.)

Adapt to Their Needs

It’s best to get out in front of these plans so you can tailor your services to your clients’ future needs. (And if it’s not a change you can help support, maybe you can refer a strategic partner who can.)

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Take the next step

Determine Your Next Move

You’ve gotten feedback, addressed outstanding issues and talked about plans for the future. Hopefully you’ve also taken the chance to reinforce your value, too. So, what’s left? That depends on what was discussed.

Take the Opportunity
to Add Value

Ask for a referral

Request a testimonial

Introduce an innovative product, like Ultimate Health, that can solve some of their major issues.


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Healthcare Reimbursement:

From $25,000 to $100,000 in coverage for all types of medical, dental, vision, prescription expenses—even high-end items, like designer prescription frames, LASIK and adult orthodontia.

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Physical Program:

Coverage toward and facilitation of comprehensive top-to-toe physical exam with screenings

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Travel Emergency Services:

Fully-paid medical air evacuation, prescription and passport replacement, urgent care referrals and more

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Specialty Care Navigation:

Personalized matching and access to top specialty
physicians for specific condition

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The ultimate client retention tool


increase in retention among those enrolled in an ArmadaCare plan vs. the national average

Source: ArmadaCare enrollment data and Bureau of Labor Statistics Turnover Data. Based on 3 year average 2019-2021.

The Ultimate Health supplemental health insurance policy is underwritten by SiriusPoint America Insurance Company and Transamerica Life Insurance Company. Insurance plans and coverages vary by state. Please contact us to confirm state availability.