Complementary Benefits

Address Today's Changing Workforce

What are complementary benefits?

Complementary benefits are flexible health insurance plans designed to layer over any primary plan to address emerging or evolving needs.

They can help employers address an array of emerging needs, including:

  • Primary plan changes
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Incentivization and performance rewards
  • Coverage gaps
  • Mental health support
  • Employee stress and burnout
  • Compensation challenges
  • Tailored benefits

Complementary Benefits in Action

Flexibility is key. With it, employers can right-size their primary plan, consolidate plans or make other changes that fit their goals and benefit budget. Layering the right benefits over a primary plan complements the benefit strategy—providing a boost where it’s needed most.

Why ArmadaCare's Complementary Benefits?

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ArmadaCare’s complementary benefit solutions give employers a range of options.

  • Coverage options: Choose broad or specific coverage
  • Enrollment eligibility: Offer to select employees or all
  • Compatibility: Avoid exhausting your established HSA funds and keep those for future use
  • Budget fit: Plan options for budgets of all sizes
  • Cost-effective: Integrate with compensation or reallocate employer contributions
  • Timing flexibility: Put in place the first of any month, all year