Bring Big Company Benefits to Small Business Clients

Be your clients valued hero this renewal season by putting ArmadaCare's employer-paid supplemental insurance plans in place.

In this short on-demand webinar we’ll give you the tools to unlock the power of benefit flexibility! Don’t let another broker introduce these powerful solutions to your clients before you do.

Don’t have time to watch? Learn more about ArmadaCare’s Ultimate Health now.

Small businesses don’t have buying power when it comes to primary health plans…and they could be facing steep renewals this year. What choices do business owners have? Cut down on primary plan benefits, increase deductibles? Deal with the difficulty retaining or recruiting talent with unimpressive health benefits?

Your clients aren’t going to be happy about any of those. But you can address the pinch by putting ArmadaCare’s employer-paid supplemental insurance plans in place to:

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