Presenteeism and the Productivity Impact

You’ve heard of absenteeism: when employees regularly don’t show up to work. The business implications of absenteeism are typically easy to see. An employee is missing, so their work isn’t getting done. Ultimately the company’s bottom line is negatively affected. But have you properly weighed the impact of presenteeism on your work environment and [...]

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Are You Willing to Pay the Price of Employee Turnover?

We’re in the middle of a talent drought and a job opportunity downpour. The unemployment rate is at an impressive 18-year low, and as a result, unhappy employees feel confident seeking other opportunities, thus creating a serious turnover issue. While retention is a top priority for both employers and HR leaders, it can seem [...]

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Today’s Tight Talent Market: Make A Smart Business Investment

Forward-thinking companies realize that salaries just aren’t enough in today’s tight talent market. Winning the war for talent requires having the right benefit package, which is also key to driving loyalty, fostering productivity and reducing turnover rates. What type of benefit can help you accomplish all of this? While the market is full of [...]

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The Turnover Epidemic: Why Employees Are Leaving and How to Prevent It

Employee turnover is becoming a critical issue to all companies. In fact, turnover last year in the U.S. was at 22%, a 10-year-high. While retention has been a top priority for both HR professionals and company leaders for some time, the employee turnover epidemic is becoming progressively worse. Why Is Turnover Getting Worse? The gig [...]

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How to Boost Employee Engagement

Great employee engagement may sound like a ‘nice-to-have’ company goal, but it’s actually a lot more important and impactful to your bottom line than you might think. Today in the U.S., only 34% of employees are engaged at work. Almost half (49.5%) are not engaged, a huge population that doesn’t really care one way [...]

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Talent Brand: What Is It and Why It Matters

To truly define the term talent brand, we first need to define employer brand. Employer brand: The attributes and values associated with your company as a place to work Talent brand: The highly social and public version of your employer brand that incorporates what talent thinks, feels, and share about your company as a [...]

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Costs of Not Retaining Talent

There is no place for the ‘everyone is replaceable’ mentality in today’s job market. Unemployment is at an 18-year low, which means if you lose employees, there will be a lack of skilled talent to fill open positions. That’s why retaining talent is pivotal to your company’s bottom line and taking the initiative to [...]

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Say No to Silos: A Holistic Talent Management Approach

There’s a divide that has cropped up in talent management planning overtime. I refer to it as the Silo Approach. There are two main aspects that go into recruiting and retaining talent: compensation and benefits. In the past, compensation was given much of the weight and benefits was an easy box to check because [...]

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Why Invest in Better Health Benefits

Investing in better health benefits may seem counter-intuitive when one of the top HR priorities is controlling benefit costs. But another top operational priority is recruiting and retaining top talent, and good health benefits are critical to accomplishing this. Health Benefits v. Sign-On Bonus You may be asking yourself: Why not invest in something [...]

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4 Reasons to Choose Expense Reimbursed Insurance

Expense reimbursed insurance is a type of supplemental health insurance that can be layered on to primary plans to provide additional coverage. While these plans aren’t as well known in the supplemental health insurance market, they are gaining prominence. In fact, ArmadaCare has a suite of three expense reimbursed insured plans with different coverage [...]

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