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The Game Has Changed

Evolutions in the workplace and the workforce have traditionally taken place over decades. Today, the pace of change has accelerated like a fastball coming off the bat. Consider the facts that have employers running for the fences:

Competition for players is at an all-time high

11 million job openings at the start of 2022¹
81% of employers concerned about increased competition for talent²

Remote working has opened the door to nationwide recruiting

56% of companies allow remote work³

1 in 4 job applications come from out of state⁴

Rookies and vets alike see themselves as free agents

1 in 3 U.S. workers are likely to change jobs or retire⁵

Rewriting the Retention Playbook

the power of re-recruitment ebook

Revitalize Your Workforce: Download the Award-Winning Re-Recruiting E-Book!

Everything that goes into forming a successful team — recruiting talent, training and building a deep bench — is suddenly more at risk than ever. There’s never been a more crucial time to innovate and rethink how you’ll retain your greatest assets.