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Prioritizing Employee Mental Health

Mental health is as key as physical health. Employers have invested in specialized benefits to protect employee physical health for decades. Now there’s a spotlight on what it takes to effectively support employee mental health. Meet Wellpak®.

Reducing the Barriers Employees Face

This employer-sponsored supplemental insurance plan (Well Pak) solves for what employees lack today:

  • Extra coverage to help pay for mental health treatment to stay well or get better.
  • Support resources to help them get to the right care for what they’re experiencing.
    • Dealing with emotional distress at work
    • Reacting to situational stressors
    • Struggling with debilitating chronic mental health issues
    • Battling a mental illness or a substance use disorder
  • Coverage for stress-relieving wellness benefits (like prescribed massage therapy) as well as doctor visits and Rx.
Show Me the Winning Combo: Coverage + Access
This type of program can make a difference for all employees, even healthy ones, enabling them to be more focused and productive—and avoid burnout—can be put in place at the beginning of any month without altering any current benefits.