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Employee Supplemental Health Insurance

Reach Your Retention Goals with The Right Benefits

Managing health benefit costs by cost-shifting and reducing coverage has been the trend for the last 10 years, but now recruitment and retention are a major priority, and you need to offer great benefits to meet your talent management goals.

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How can you add more benefits without blowing your budget?

That’s where this employer-sponsored supplemental healthcare solution comes in. This medical reimbursement benefit can be reimbursed for flex-type or 213(d) healthcare expenses, just like flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. The difference is: it has the power of insurance.

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Don’t fall into the common HR trap of missing the mark on what type of fringe benefits to offer. Give talent what they want and need: robust supplemental health insurance. Don’t confuse this type of benefit with typical gap insurance, like worksite voluntary plans (hospital indemnity or critical care insurance). This supplemental health insurance offers coverage for both routine and unexpected medical expenses, without condition limitations.

The best part is you can add on these benefits to your current group health coverage at any time of year. And you get to select who receives coverage, so you can target those positions that are difficult to retain or recruit.