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The Executive Health Plan That’s In Demand

You know the importance of your executive benefits package, especially when it comes to safeguarding your top talent and attracting tomorrow’s leaders. These mission-critical employees expect the best executive health programs for themselves and their families. And your company counts on them to be healthy to drive the business forward.

That’s exactly why Ultimate Health® by ArmadaCare is in such demand. This employer-paid supplemental insurance plan offers coverage for a broad range of healthcare expenses. And yes, it’s an ACA-excepted benefit that can be offered to select employees, such as executives.

Far-Reaching Value

With this Executive Medical Reimbursement plan, you can offer coverage just to executives to:
  • Leverage the tax-efficiency*, which means more take-home value for your executives than a comparable bonus.
  • Remind your executives of how much they are valued throughout the year with every claim paid.
  • Protect your executives’ well-being with a program for an executive health assessment (or Executive Physical).
Download an overview to discover what you can deliver with Ultimate Health.

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