Executive Physicals are top-to-toe physical evaluations used to determine current health status and to help detect health issues at an early stage, which can have a huge impact on outcomes. These exams are performed in addition to the annual physical covered by a member’s primary health plan.

We provide coverage toward these elective pre-packaged Executive Physicals for a member and his or her spouse. The coverage can range from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the Ultimate Health plan level.*

Members may choose their Executive Physical location, or we can help guide members to quality facilities in their area or according to their preferences.

We can help to coordinate any necessary follow-up specialty care, through our TopDoc Connect service.

*Insurance plans, coverage and availability may vary by state. Detailed coverage, exclusions and limitations are listed in the Certificate of Insurance.

Having assessments and summations all at once in one location makes it more convenient for your top talent.