You need a benefit strategy that is competitive, for both recruitment and retention, as well as cost-efficient. ArmadaCare has the right solutions to meet your company’s needs.

Today’s one-size-fits-all primary plans coupled with current ‘gap-filling’ solutions, like most worksite voluntary plans and health accounts, aren’t always efficiently meeting the need for a competitive and cost-efficient benefit package. Now, there is a better way to solve your benefit dilemmas by layering your coverage with ArmadaCare’s suite of supplemental insurance plans, you can:

  • Tailor benefit packages with our Ultimate Health, Plena Health, and ComplaMed insurance products to meet your broader talent management objectives.
  • Offer insurance plans to select employee classes, giving you the power to decide what insurance product will work best for each constituent group.
  • Provide even more value with Claims Concierge, our upgraded automatic claims filing service.*

Each ensured suite product is available on a standalone basis or in combination—giving you the ability to pick and choose what works best for your company’s needs and budgetary goals.

*Claims Concierge is available on Ultimate Health and Plena Health insurance plans only.

Minimum enrollment applies.

Coverage provided by Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company and Sirius America Insurance Company.

ArmadaCare’s Supplemental Insured Products at a Glance

Minimum enrollments applies.