Continuity of Care: The Key to Happy Trails

All Travel Safety March 28, 2016

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s always nice to get away. A change in scenery can do wonders for the body and the mind, and for many people travel is an important aspect of wellbeing. But are you really as protected as you think when you’re away from home?

Margaret-Mary Wilson, the chief medical officer and senior vice-president of UnitedHealthcare Global in the US, explained the problems facing healthcare security while traveling in an eye-opening Q&A. “Fear of travel, caused by healthcare insecurity, is limiting opportunities… Good primary care, preventive care and continuity of care are critical… regardless of location or destination. So we are working to build a seamless care model that bridges gaps and supports travelers with the same preventive and primary care that they receive [at home.]”

What does this mean?

There are gaps in the care that you receive while traveling. A health issue as simple as needing to refill medication, something that would be a seamless transaction at home, may become a difficult ordeal while traveling. Can you find access to the medication? Are you covered for it? Can you get your prescription transferred?

Life can be unpredictable and sometimes that’s thrilling, especially while traveling, but illness can sneak up on us, too. Where do you turn if something unexpected pops up? Finding a good and qualified doctor in an unfamiliar place can be a daunting feat. This lack of care can hinder your adventures.

These are the kinds of gaps that you may easily face while traveling.

Travel Confidently

In Wilson’s words, “In today’s world, wellbeing goes beyond just medical care and insurance. It has to be augmented by the type of capabilities we have brought under one roof at UnitedHealthcare Global. The success of what we do is derived from the integration of these capabilities, closing gaps in care, service and coverage, and ultimately improving outcomes in terms of health, wellbeing and productivity.”

We should be able to travel with confidence, without fear of receiving the proper and standard care that we are accustomed to at home. This worry should not prohibit people from traveling. Instead, coverage needs to become unified from place to place.

Creating this seamless access to quality healthcare is an important step to ensuring continuity of care.

ArmadaCare partners with UnitedHealthcare Global to offer Take Me Home within Ultimate Health and travel services with the TopDoc Connect program.

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