Our members can step back from the details of claims filing, while still receiving all the benefits of their ArmadaCare plan. Claims Concierge is our exclusive hands-free claims submission service that takes away the effort of manual claims filing.

Hands-Off Claims Filing

Primary plan Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) are automatically sent to us so we can file medical claims. For Rx payments, members continue to enjoy the convenience of the ArmadaCare Prescription Visa® Card.

Claims Advocacy

For non-medical claims (like dental, for example), our Claims Advocate Team takes care of the filing. Members send in the paperwork (EOBs), and our team does the rest—no claim forms needed! And, if any additional paperwork is needed to file a claim, our Claims Advocate will contact the provider directly.

Priority Processing

Claims Concierge members receive priority claims processing and get their medical reimbursements even faster!

Applicable for Ultimate Health and Plena Health only.

Put your group’s claims on autopilot with Claims Concierge.